Time for a reality check

Motivational picture

I have put together this piccy as a kick up the bloody bum! I just can’t believe that in the 7 months since my wedding I have allowed myself to seriously slack…I mean, why would my new husband want the hot chick that he married?

Well its now that I make the change, its going to be a big one as I have been mostly sitting on the sofa for the last few months!

I have weighed and measured myself and will post below the results, I hope that this public humiliation will do the trick and keep me from reaching for the kids treat tin.

So here goes (These are as of today, 2nd April 2015 22:22)

I will repeat these measurements every 4 weeks to record any differences.

Arms – R 10.5″ L 10.5″

Chest – 37.25″

Waist – 30″

Hips – 40″

Thighs – R 23.75″ L 24.25″

Weight – 65.6 kilos

Body fat % – 30.3

Height – 5.6″


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