A quick thought on Easter Chocolate

I have eaten a whole Lindt Golden Bunny to myself today…I did not share any of it and I do not feel any shLindt Chocolate bunniesame! This is because I know that I am in the correct mindset to start my new regime! I have been psyching myself up all week and this Easter Sunday was just the perfect last blow out! In fact I am so in the right place and ready to make these changes in my life that Im not even going to eat my Mars Easter egg and my Cream egg Easter egg!

So that means that I have two Easter eggs up for grabs…Holler if you want to take them off my hands!


2 thoughts on “A quick thought on Easter Chocolate

  1. Hubster says:

    I’ll have ’em! X


  2. Melody says:

    😀 they are yours! Nice to see you helping your wife out in such a way xx love you


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