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Squatting like a Boss

I will be posting a series of these silly work out clips, keep your eye out for them and let me know if you like them. Below is a proper description of how to preform the exercise.

Dumbbell Squats

Proper Alignment

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms extended down and palms facing your body.
  2. Align your body from the bottom up by first taking a shoulder width stance.
  3. Slightly bend your knees and avoid locking them during exercise.
  4. Contract your abdominal muscles to help support and sustain your posture during the exercise.
  5. Stick your chest out and simultaneously bring your shoulder blades back, keeping them there throughout the movement.
  6. Keep your head level at al times, making sure your head or your eyes do not drop down, or excessively wander upward.

Technique and Form

  1. One your alignment is secured, prepare to inhale as you begin your decent.
  2. As you are squatting downward, it is important that at no time throughout your movement do your knees go beyond your toes, this can damage your knees.
  3. Make sure you don’t let your thighs go below horizontal as you can injure your lower back.
  4. As you reach horizontal or just above it, begin to exhale and press off your feet, distributing the weight through the heel while pressing upward. concentrate on keeping proper alignment throughout the movement.
  5. Do not lock you knees when reaching the top of the movement.

Show me the Protein!!!!

After three whole days of watching and recording what I am putting into my mouth I am starting to see some trends! My nutrition goals have been set with weight loss and muscle building in mind so the Protein section is of course slightly higher than a ‘normal dieter’. As you can see from the charts below I am off on all of my goals but the protein is alarmingly on the low side.

A very wise friend once said to me, “Mel, its all about solutions, not problems”

I have since tried to live my life accordingly.

YUMMY PROTEIN OPTIONS (Sourced and purchased from Tesco online)

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Just a quickie

I forget how much I enjoy healthy food when I’m on a junk binge

Breakfast 330 cals, Lunch 104 cals, Dinner 149 cals (according to My fitness Pal)

Today was cardio day, I got all togged up for a run and insisted that the kids came along on their bikes. A good way to get the kids out of the house and also brilliant way to pace yourself.

Sock Selfie

I would love to see more running sock selfies, anyone up for it?

My thoughts on day 1 – Exercise & Nutrition

Today has been the first day of the rest of my life….well till September and my 30th birthday.

I think that morning workouts are the way forward. I got up, put my work out gear on, worked out and then I was done! Simple I have had the whole day with exercise under my belt! No need to think about what I have to do in the evening! The evenings are mine to do with what I want! What a feeling!!!

The exercises that I completed were all Compound Supersets.       

2 sets with 12 reps 

(They did take me over an hour to do but it was the first time! I hope to get these in around 30 mins).

Dumbbell One Arm Row

Push ups

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Standing Calf Raise (one leg)

Dumbbell Curl

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Dumbbell Squat

Stiff legged Deadlift

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The beginning of the next six months… and beyond

I am a normal woman of average proportions and weight. I am fast approaching 30 and refuse to leave my 20’s feeling old, unhealthy and unfit. I am pledging to stick to the prescribed nutrition and exercise regimes of ‪#‎Thebodysculptingbible‬ until my birthday in September and will post regular updates to document the next 6 month of my ‘Flab to 30’ journey.

My journey starts on Monday 6th April…(haha I get it, the diet starts on Monday) But in this case It really does! I am going to be spending the next few days menu planning, shopping for the correct foods, making sure that my exercise plans are easy to follow…in other words, I’m getting set up to succeed at this!

I will also be updating this diary blog every step of the way with photos of my physical process, my food tips that I pick up as I go along and the exercises that I do…. I will also include my cheat glutton days (nom,nom,nom)