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My thoughts on day 1 – Exercise & Nutrition

Today has been the first day of the rest of my life….well till September and my 30th birthday.

I think that morning workouts are the way forward. I got up, put my work out gear on, worked out and then I was done! Simple I have had the whole day with exercise under my belt! No need to think about what I have to do in the evening! The evenings are mine to do with what I want! What a feeling!!!

The exercises that I completed were all Compound Supersets.       

2 sets with 12 reps 

(They did take me over an hour to do but it was the first time! I hope to get these in around 30 mins).

Dumbbell One Arm Row

Push ups

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Standing Calf Raise (one leg)

Dumbbell Curl

Overhead Dumbbell Extension

Dumbbell Squat

Stiff legged Deadlift

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Time for a reality check

Motivational picture

I have put together this piccy as a kick up the bloody bum! I just can’t believe that in the 7 months since my wedding I have allowed myself to seriously slack…I mean, why would my new husband want the hot chick that he married?

Well its now that I make the change, its going to be a big one as I have been mostly sitting on the sofa for the last few months!

I have weighed and measured myself and will post below the results, I hope that this public humiliation will do the trick and keep me from reaching for the kids treat tin.

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