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Show me the Protein!!!!

After three whole days of watching and recording what I am putting into my mouth I am starting to see some trends! My nutrition goals have been set with weight loss and muscle building in mind so the Protein section is of course slightly higher than a ‘normal dieter’. As you can see from the charts below I am off on all of my goals but the protein is alarmingly on the low side.

A very wise friend once said to me, “Mel, its all about solutions, not problems”

I have since tried to live my life accordingly.

YUMMY PROTEIN OPTIONS (Sourced and purchased from Tesco online)

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What the hell is calorie cycling?

So the next thing that I need to get my head around is caloric cycling… It sounds quite complicated but after a bit of digging online it’s not really as hard as I first thought!

I will try to explain simply…

  1. 14 days low calories.
  2. 14 days normal/high calories.
  3. This is to trick your body into thinking that you are not dieting or lowering your calories.
  4. So that it doesnt slow down its metabolism in order to conserve energy.
  5. And so that your body dosent start using your muscles to create energy.

For a more in-depth explanation read on.

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