My Core Goals

I’m Melody, a normal woman of average proportions and weight. I am fast approaching 30 and refuse to leave my 20’s feeling old and unfit. I am pledging to stick to the prescribed nutrition and exercise regimes of The Body Sculpting Bible’‬ until my birthday in September and will post regular updates to document the next 6 month of my ‘Flab to 30′ journey.

Overall Goal

  • Build 11 lb muscle and
  • Lose 27 lb fat over 23 weeks
  • Aim to lose 10 lb by 26 June – (mid way point 12 weeks)
  • Target weight 9 st 6 lb’s at least
  • 16 lb to lose overall
  •  Target weight 9st
Long Term (working progress)
  1. To have a higher level of fitness leading in to my 30’s and beyond – what is a higher level of fitness? Run a marathon? Squat a certain weight? perform 10 chin ups? Workout a certain amount?
  2. To Build muscle mass and lose body fat (amounts to be worked out) Weight? Muscle mass? Body fat %age.
  3. Develop a healthier way of life by addressing my nutrition. What does that mean?
  4. To reach specified body measurements within 6 months. What are they? Where are you measuring? Is this weight? dress size? A pair of favourite jeans?
Process goals
  1. Work out 3 times a week
  2. Cardio twice per week
  3. Follow nutrition plan and plan meals.
  4. Measure body fat and weight
  5. Document all meals and workouts
  6. Drink 8 pints of water per day
  7. Only 2 coffees per day
  8. Fit into old blue jeans (try on once a month)

2 thoughts on “My Core Goals

  1. deriand says:

    I LOVE that you have “try on once a month”!! That is such an awesome way to motivate yourself along the way….Cheering from the sidelines!!


  2. Melody says:

    I have had these jeans for nearly 10 years and used to wear them all the time! I made it back into them just before my wedding last year… But no chance now!!! I will post update piccys 😊


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