What the hell is calorie cycling?

So the next thing that I need to get my head around is caloric cycling… It sounds quite complicated but after a bit of digging online it’s not really as hard as I first thought!

I will try to explain simply…

  1. 14 days low calories.
  2. 14 days normal/high calories.
  3. This is to trick your body into thinking that you are not dieting or lowering your calories.
  4. So that it doesnt slow down its metabolism in order to conserve energy.
  5. And so that your body dosent start using your muscles to create energy.

For a more in-depth explanation read on.

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First things first – The underpinning theory to my weight loss through nutrition

I am starting this process by looking at my diet as I know that this well be my hardest struggle. As I am taking this seriously, I need to get my head round the nutritional guidelines laid out by ‘The Body Sculpting Bible’

The bsb recommends that I partly control my diet by understanding the Glycemic Index (GI)

The GI is a measure of how quickly your blood sugar rises after ingesting carbohydrates. And then the speed in which it gets turned into glucose. Blood sugar is turned into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the molecule that the body uses to power up all of its functions. ATP can be thought of as the body’s fuel as our organisms can not function without it.

The way that GI work is that each food is assigned a value, typically from 0-100 based on how fast your blood sugar increases in the next two hours after consuming a carbohydrate. A value of 100 would represent a food that increases blood sugar very rapidly, such as a straight glucose drink. Continue reading

The beginning of the next six months… and beyond

I am a normal woman of average proportions and weight. I am fast approaching 30 and refuse to leave my 20’s feeling old, unhealthy and unfit. I am pledging to stick to the prescribed nutrition and exercise regimes of ‪#‎Thebodysculptingbible‬ until my birthday in September and will post regular updates to document the next 6 month of my ‘Flab to 30’ journey.

My journey starts on Monday 6th April…(haha I get it, the diet starts on Monday) But in this case It really does! I am going to be spending the next few days menu planning, shopping for the correct foods, making sure that my exercise plans are easy to follow…in other words, I’m getting set up to succeed at this!

I will also be updating this diary blog every step of the way with photos of my physical process, my food tips that I pick up as I go along and the exercises that I do…. I will also include my cheat glutton days (nom,nom,nom)